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After a full consultation we will create your sign with immense care. It is our job to determine what your business requires for maximum visual impact. Our goal is to portray your image with a clean, professional, eye-catching design. To ensure satisfaction, your sign will be adjusted until everyone is duly impressed. Design also includes choosing the right substrate and application for the desired results. The first hour of design is included with your sign package of $500.00 + design fee of $50.00 per hour.


Whether we come up with the initial design, or you arrive with a new or existing sign, we will make every effort to fulfill your business needs. We can replicate your original design, or enhance your own logo with a new twist for a dramatic upgrade. Our ultimate goal is to create a striking, durable, and professional sign. With more than 10 years of trusted experience, we know how to make attention-grabbing signs and we take great pride in our work. This is included in the price of the sign.


From digging holes and installing posts, to painting the Sam's Club logo on a 40 foot wall, we have done it all. We can handle all of your installation needs. Interior way finding systems. Office signs. Install vinyl anywhere. And if we cannot handle the job alone, we work hand in hand with a company that provides quality assistance. $75 per hour for an installer and helper.

Cleaning and Refurbishing Older Signs

Sign life averages from 3-10 years, depending on weather conditions and location. Sign restoration begins with a thorough soap and water cleaning to remove any natural debris or staining. If the finish is still intact, the sign can be waxed to bring out the original color and restore renewed life and natural luster. Foam signs can be repainted over and over again. Wooden signs need to be replaced once the wood starts to rot. We recommend an annual cleaning to prolong the life of most signs. Since careless cleaning can actually be detrimental to your sign, we are meticulous when we perform this service. We guarantee to leave your sign as a striking enhancement to your business. $75 per hour for sign professional and helper.

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